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LGBT inclusive cricket match

LGBT inclusive cricket match

28 Jun 2021

Graces won the inaugural LGBT inclusive cricket match, with Birmingham Unicorns, on June 13th. A game with nearly 4 months of planning, a game that has captured such media interest. The first LGBTQ+ inclusive cricket match. After trying in late May – defeated by the worst May in meteorological history – Sunday the 13th had blue skies and a forecast for the hottest day of the year. Both teams agreed to squads of 13, 11 batting and 11 fielding.

Congratulations to Matt on what turned out to be a match winning 100 and, on graciously retiring upon reaching it! Graces setting a target of 228 for Unicorns to win.

Unicorns’ response got off to a flying start courtesy of Majunder who looked like he might take the game away altogether in the opening 10 overs as he launched Graces bowling to all four corners of the ground. It took some crafty spin bowling and some deft glove work from Adam to end his innings, a quick fire and beautiful to watch 79. Unicorns never really recovered and lost steady wickets there on finishing on 189 for 6.

Celebrations continued late into the evening – not the win – that was a mere detail – but about how fantastically well the day had gone, the creation of the Unicorns, and the world’s first LGBTQ+ cricket match ever. Conversations soon moved to what next – and with boundary murmurings of interest in the south-west and in the north – there will be plenty more chapters to come in ensuring very fine cricket is accessible to the LGBTQ+ community – be they players, potential players, supporters, or officials.